Biodiesel Kampen BV – Producing biodiesel from the second generation.

The company Biodiesel Kampen has been pioneering in the world of biodiesel of the second generation since 2006. Our main activity is processing fats in order to produce a good quality bio diesel out of it. Almost 100 % of the collected used cooking oils and fats are being re-used in our biodiesel production process.

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Biodiesel is often being mixed up with pure vegetable oil. Biodiesel, compared to vegetable oil, has a lower viscosity and is similar to standard mineral based diesel…

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The process of making biodiesel consist of different steps. The used cooking oil is first being purified and refined, which brings back the acidity to an FFA of max 2%…


The biodiesel of the 2nd generation is being produced out of waste material with a 98% biological degradability. The biodiesel has a vegetable origin and is non-toxic…

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