About us

Biodiesel Kampen B.V. The company has been founded in 2006 and has as main activity the production of biodiesel from the 2nd generation. Within the Netherlands the company was one of the pioneers in the field of biodiesel production, outside of the Netherlands there were already some companies involved in the production of this product. Biodiesel Kampen B.V. uses mainly used cooking oils and used frying fats for her production of 2nd generation biodiesel. This product is completely separated from the biodiesel of the 1st generation, which is made of vegetable oils and fats that are destined for food and feed production. About this 1st generation there has been a lot of discussion, pushing up food and feed prices etc. That is the reason why Biodiesel Kampen is not producing 1st generation biodiesel.

The discussion regarding to sustainability of bio diesel has resulted in 2009 in the ‘regulation double counting better fuels’. This regulation implies that bio fuels of the 2nd generation have a double weight in the blending requirements and due to this regulation the oil refineries are being stimulated to blend in biodiesel produced by Biodiesel Kampen B.V.


We sponsor football club PEC Zwolle


Biodiesel Kampen has the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC). With this certificate Biodiesel Kampen B.V. shows that it produces in a sustainable way and co-operates in the reduction of carbon dioxin. The ISCC approaches the carbon dioxide reduction from the point where the raw material originates until the point of end use in biodiesel. Therefore Biodiesel Kampen B.V. demands a total commitment from its suppliers in order to comply with the demands of sustainability.